Why use Buzzit?

Buzzit4.0 creates measurable, two-way community engagement. It builds a subscriber list of people from your community of interest and then helps you establish a relationship with these people.

Via the subscriber list you know which people you are talking with and lets these same customers, members and clients talk back to you.

Subscribers and readers can make comments on proposed and current projects and plans via Buzzit4.0 and so have input into eventual outcomes. Subscribers can also let each other know about community events via Buzzit4.0’s ‘Neighbour2Neighbour’ feature.

Buzzit4.0 helps build relationships with an organisation’s staff and members. It is ideally suited to building team morale and allowing staff and members to have on-going input into the organisation.

By providing analytics Buzzit4.0 lets you know the interests of your customers and members as well as who is reading your publication. This is a great help in targeting information to specific demographics.

The cost of printing and distribution of hard copy material, along with advertising, can be prohibitive for many organisations.  With Buzzit4.0 there are no print or distribution bills.

Buzzit4.0 lets you tell real stories. It helps create a sense of transparency and credibility between organisation and customer/member and can be used to encourage the more intimate relationship of face-to-face interaction –  the great missing piece of the digital puzzle.

Create engagement in your community by building relationships, managing databases and developing conversations



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