What makes Buzzit work?
Well, it’s all smoke and mirrors really. With some bells and whistles and a bit of magic too! They all work together though to create a neat little community engagement package that will make you one with those you are providing services, facilities and products to.

The Buzzit publication and consultation platform

Allows a client to do their own layouts.

Is responsive and compatible with the latest web technology and mobile devices.

Is fast loading for rural/slow/mobile connection speeds as it is built on HTML 5.

Is upgraded regularly as new functionalities are requested and developed.

Is managed using an integrated interface that makes switching between facilities seamless and fluid.

Has complementary engagement and communication services to help customers make the most of the online tools.

The Buzzit technical platform

We take care of hosting Buzzit3.0 for you in a robust and secure technical environment.

Buzzit4.0 is hosted at www.buzzit.co.nz

A link from client’s website to www.buzzit.co.nz gives subscribers and casual readers access to the publication/consultation

Buzzit has been independently security audited and features the following:

– Multiple virtual machines hosting in enterprise level server farm.

– Enterprise level operating system.

– Firewalled, encrypted subscriber lists.

– Daily back-ups.

– All data/backups are in New Zealand.

Buzzit complies with all mass-email communication laws for subscribe/unsubscribe and user management (eg. edit email, name, addresses).

The Buzzit software foundation

All Buzzit products are built on a base of the Word Press content management system (CMS) using the scripting language PHP. Word Press is an open source CMS. It is used by hundreds of thousands of websites.

We incorporate services provided by Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, YouTube, and other Open Source software platforms.

The Buzzit® design specifications

The following technical platforms are used in the design and delivery of Buzzit:

– HTML5 mark-up – utilising HTML5 Boilerplate

– CSS3 style sheet language – utilising HTML5 Boilerplate

– jQuery JavaScript library

Design is aimed at modern browsers and mobile devices but will degrade to accommodate older browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 and lower. HTML5 Boilerplate is a collection of code that allows HTML5 to be used on older browsers.

As most website designs remain in circulation for 2-5 years between redesigns Buzzit is designed for future conditions rather than past conditions. The alternative practise of realigning websites (applying regular tweaks and changes but keeping the base design relatively unchanged) also relies on a future-ready code base.



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