What can you use Buzzit for?

Buzzit is ideal for publishing both external and internal news service targeting clients, residents, members, stakeholders and staff.

It is a robust platform and can be used to publish newsletters for community facilities (such as aquatic centres, museums, community and cultural centres), statutory organisations, local government, schools and educational institutions, sports clubs, social clubs, service clubs as well as large and small infrastructural construction projects.

Buzzit is also well suited for the publication of arts, music and seasonal festival programmesand can be used for a whole range of events promotion.

Larger documents such as magazines, catalogues, annual reports and plans and shareholder documents, can also be published effectively and efficiently on Buzzit.

Consultations carried out on Buzzit can range from simple ‘yes/no’ polls and small/medium surveys, through to major consultations. All can be handled cost effectively on the Buzzit platform with comprehensive reporting and a thorough back up service.

A targeted notification service is built into Buzzit. This allows you to email subscribers at anytime with notices of events and situations which particularly concern them. Such notifications can include public and emergency notices and invitations to events and meetings.

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