Email Alerts, Notification Service & Citizen Panels

The Buzzit subscriber list combines the function of email alerts, notification service and citizen panels. The use of these features is managed via the Client Portal.

The email alert template is branded with the publication’s/organisation’s brand so receivers immediately recognize that the alert is from an organisation they have subscribed to.

Email alerts

By gathering subscribers under demographic and interest fields chosen by the client, Buzzit is able to send a personal email alert to each subscriber containing a link to the latest edition.

The email alert can highlight specific articles of interest to particular subscribers thereby ensuring a greater opening rate.

Email alert sample

Notification Service

The subscriber list can be used by client’s to send out additional email alerts advising emergencies, client announcements, public notices, public meetings and events.

This service is excellent for enhancing public face-to-face interaction through the promotion and reminders of public meetings and events.

Notification sample

Citizens’ panel

The subscriber list built by Buzzit is in itself, a citizens’ panel.

Subscribers can be selected by field and be canvassed on issues and proposals the client would like particular feed back on.

Responses are acknowledged and stored in the client’s Buzzit portal to be collated by the client and considered in project and policy deliberations.



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