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What is Buzzit?

An easy-to-use platform for producing online  newsletters, magazines, reports and consultation surveys that facilitate community engagement 

Announcing an engagement is a milestone event in anyone’s language. And Buzzit continues the tradition with its digital publishing and consultation platform creating exciting engagement opportunities and building community through personalised communication.

Buzzit brings together the latest developments in the art of online digital communication and social networking. Joining with Buzzit can prove to be a significant event in the life of governmental, commercial and community organisations. For those seeking to maximise engagement with their community of customers and members, it can prove to be the beginning of a fruitful, long-term relationship.

By bringing digital communication and social media networking into one easy-to-use platform for producing newsletters, magazines, reports, community consultation surveys, conversations and forums, Buzzit helps make sense of these modern times.

Why use Buzzit?

Buzzit4.0 creates measurable, two-way community engagement. It builds a subscriber list of people from your community of interest and then helps you establish a relationship with these people.

Via the subscriber list you know which people you are talking with and lets these same customers, members and clients talk back to you.

Subscribers and readers can make comments on proposed and current projects and plans via Buzzit4.0 and so have input into eventual outcomes. Subscribers can also let each other know about community events via Buzzit4.0’s ‘Neighbour2Neighbour’ feature.

Buzzit4.0 helps build relationships with an organisation’s staff and members. It is ideally suited to building team morale and allowing staff and members to have on-going input into the organisation.

By providing analytics Buzzit4.0 lets you know the interests of your customers and members as well as who is reading your publication. This is a great help in targeting information to specific demographics.

The cost of printing and distribution of hard copy material, along with advertising, can be prohibitive for many organisations.  With Buzzit4.0 there are no print or distribution bills.

Buzzit4.0 lets you tell real stories. It helps create a sense of transparency and credibility between organisation and customer/member and can be used to encourage the more intimate relationship of face-to-face interaction –  the great missing piece of the digital puzzle.

Create engagement in your community by building relationships, managing databases and developing conversations

What can you use Buzzit for?

Buzzit is ideal for publishing both external and internal news service targeting clients, residents, members, stakeholders and staff.

It is a robust platform and can be used to publish newsletters for community facilities (such as aquatic centres, museums, community and cultural centres), statutory organisations, local government, schools and educational institutions, sports clubs, social clubs, service clubs as well as large and small infrastructural construction projects.

Buzzit is also well suited for the publication of arts, music and seasonal festival programmesand can be used for a whole range of events promotion.

Larger documents such as magazines, catalogues, annual reports and plans and shareholder documents, can also be published effectively and efficiently on Buzzit.

Consultations carried out on Buzzit can range from simple ‘yes/no’ polls and small/medium surveys, through to major consultations. All can be handled cost effectively on the Buzzit platform with comprehensive reporting and a thorough back up service.

A targeted notification service is built into Buzzit. This allows you to email subscribers at anytime with notices of events and situations which particularly concern them. Such notifications can include public and emergency notices and invitations to events and meetings.

The great digital read

The Features

Buzzit4.0 maintains existing interactive features and introduces some new ones – all designed to enhance the engagement experience for both client and customer. Such features of course need to be driven by the client to maximize their effectiveness.

Over the next few pages the engagement interactivity is outlined, feature by feature.

Let the engagement begin with this array of attention-getting interactive devices that let you talk to those who want to talk to you.

Client Portal

Clients have their own Buzzit Portal with a personal login from which they can manage and drive their publications, notifications and surveys.

The Client Portal has a number of functions to help make the best use of Buzzit.

Through a Create Button clients will be able to select page templates, input text, pics and graphics for each issue of a publication as well as input text, pics and graphics for email notifications to subscribers.

The Reporting Centre allows clients to retrieve facts and figures on the use of each issue of their publication as well as retrieve information resulting from comments and questions, polls, surveys and consultations.

The portal also allows clients to receive text, pics and video from subscribers who wish to send story ideas, cover pics and  Neighbour2Neighbour events.

Manage and drive your publications, surveys and notices to subscribers; measure the uptake and input text, pics and graphics.

Subscriber List

Buzzit allows readers to subscribe to a client’s publication/s. This subscription list is then owned by the client.

The subscriber list lies at the heart of community engagement and community building. It is the single most important component of Buzzit and its effective use by clients will determine the levels of engagement achieved.

The online subscription form has fields selected by the client under which subscriber information is gathered – including approval from subscriber to be contacted by client for opinions and comments on other projects and policies being proposed by client.

All subscribers receive notification of their response – whether it be asking a question, taking part in a survey or posting an event. This helps customers know they are being listened to and that they can expect a full answer in due course.

Buzzit analytics allows clients to access subscriber activity regarding the opening and reading of each issue of the publication.

Non-subscribers can still read the publication online via the client’s website and, because each survey has an information panel to be filled out by the responder, non-subscribers can take part in polls and surveys.

The subscriber list lies at the heart of community engagement and effective use by clients will determine the levels of engagement achieved.

Email Alerts, Notification Service & Citizen Panels

The Buzzit subscriber list combines the function of email alerts, notification service and citizen panels. The use of these features is managed via the Client Portal.

The email alert template is branded with the publication’s/organisation’s brand so receivers immediately recognize that the alert is from an organisation they have subscribed to.

Email alerts

By gathering subscribers under demographic and interest fields chosen by the client, Buzzit is able to send a personal email alert to each subscriber containing a link to the latest edition.

The email alert can highlight specific articles of interest to particular subscribers thereby ensuring a greater opening rate.

Email alert sample

Notification Service

The subscriber list can be used by client’s to send out additional email alerts advising emergencies, client announcements, public notices, public meetings and events.

This service is excellent for enhancing public face-to-face interaction through the promotion and reminders of public meetings and events.

Notification sample

Citizens’ panel

The subscriber list built by Buzzit is in itself, a citizens’ panel.

Subscribers can be selected by field and be canvassed on issues and proposals the client would like particular feed back on.

Responses are acknowledged and stored in the client’s Buzzit portal to be collated by the client and considered in project and policy deliberations.

Comments and Questions

Buzzit allows readers to make a comment or ask a question relating to each story in the publication. The invitation to make a comment or ask a question can be placed at the end of individual stories and articles as often as required.

An automatic response is sent back to responders advising that their comment/question has been received while the comment/question itself is directed back to a central email address within the client’s organisation to be responded to fully by the relevant spokesperson.

Comments and questions are stored in client’s Buzzit portal for future collation by the client and consideration in project and policy deliberations.

Below is a Comments & Questions submission area. Users can submit their comments which are collated in the Client Portal.

Take the hard questions, give the straight forward answers and address readers concerns as they present them.

Photo Albums
By having the ability to support photo albums, Buzzit4.0 allows stories to be illustrated with multiple pics. The revolving nature of the photo album means readers can view a whole series of pics and illustrations relating to a particular story rather than just relying on one picture.

All Images and slideshows can be placed within the Buzzit4.0 publication and can also link to client’s Flickr or other account.

And with today’s technology, smart phone pics are more than suitable for inclusion in Buzzit4.0 publications. The technology allows staff to photograph projects and situations that they feel would enhance a particular story within the publication.
Get the whole picture through creative use of photo albums that can tell a story from start to finish.


Surveys allow clients to pose a series of questions designed to gather feedback on a proposed project or action.

Again, results are stored in client’s Buzzit portal to be collated by the client into reports to be considered in project and policy deliberations.

Gather pre and post feedback on proposed projects and actions to gauge public opinion and satisfaction.


Consultations requiring greater detail via comments as well as answers to specific questions can be carried out on the Buzzit platform.

Such consultations suit client market research projects as well as submissions on annual plans, long term plans, policies and major infrastructure projects.

Responses are stored in the client’s Buzzit portal to be collated by the client into reports and considered in project and policy deliberations.

Carry out market research and gather submissions on annual plans, long term plans, policies and major infrastructure projects.

Social media and other links

Buzzit publications provide links to all social media channels and websites, including a client’s Facebook Page, for the sharing of stories, pics and events from the publication.

Links are also provided to organisation’s website for gleaning of further information required by the reader. Often the story in the Buzzit publication will be a ‘teaser’ since the nature of a digital publication is only to provide short stories and articles. These carry links to a client’s website for those wishing to dig further into available information.

This interaction between social media and the internet sees Buzzit providing a platform that brings together features of both social media channels and current web technology.

Below each story you can select a social media link which will post that article.

Link to websites and share stories, pics and events from your Buzzit publication on social media channels.

Video & Sound Clips

Video Interviews, action clips and documentary footage all give life and engagement to the Buzzit  publication. And with today’s technology, video produced via smart phones can be suitable for inclusion in Buzzit publications.

By carrying this video content Buzzit gives opportunity for a client’s projects to be visually highlighted in the publication. This provides the reader with a more stimulating understanding and also provides a morale-boosting acknowledgement of the work carried out by the client’s staff.

Video clips are supplied by the client or can be produced on the client’s behalf as required and are embedded from the client’s YouTube or Vimeo account into the publication. Dry Crust can set up the YouTube account if required.

Sound clips of interviews, promotional pieces, songs and music can be embedded in the Buzzit publication from client’s Sound Cloud or other audio account. These clips can add to the engagement power of a Buzzit publication by providing yet another relay channel for information.

Sound clips are supplied by the client or can be produced on the client’s behalf as required. But again with today’s technology, sound clips produced via smart phones can be suitable for inclusion in Buzzit publications. Dry Crust can also assist with setting up of audio accounts.


‘Neighbour2Neighbour’ allows subscribers to post events happening in their neighbourhood to the client’s portal where they are acknowledged and considered for future publication.

Events that Neighbor2Neighbour can promote include street barbecues, garage sales, get-to-gethers, community meetings, house concerts and fund raising activities.

The Neighbour2Neighbour feature encourages face-to-face interaction and community building through the coming together at the promoted events.

In the digital age, face-to-face interaction is a vital component in community building, both between an organisation and its customers and between customer and customer.

Find out whats happening over the fence, down the street and around the corner with this community noticeboard.


Yes/No Polls allow the client to engage with their readers and to gather a sense of broad public feeling on an issue. This in turn gives directional leads for clients on proposed projects and actions.

The results are immediately visible to the participant and are also stored in client’s Buzzit portal to be collated by the client and considered in project and policy deliberations.

Get a broad sense of public feeling on issues to help guide your planning on projects and activities.

Upload Pics and Files

Buzzit allows subscribers to send in a pic, a story or a story suggestion for possible inclusion in the next publication. This is received via the Client Portal.

Such pics can be used in publication mastheads or in a ‘pic of the month column’ which allows for subscriber contribution to be acknowledged in the publication. Story suggestion can be edited or written up for inclusion in a future issue. By including pics and stories from subscribers, further community engagement and ownership of the publication by readers is created.

Via this function, subscribers also are able to make suggestions on creating street, neighbourhood and community events that the client may help facilitate.

A two way conversation where readers get to send in pics and tell their story and see their contributions in print.
Shopping Cart, Ticketing Service, Online Payments

As a convenient single-point service provider Buzzit can provide a customised digital page link  as an add-on to a client’s Ticketing Service, Shopping Cart or Online Payments Links (intergratable).

This link means subscribers and readers can make payments, purchase products and book tickets for events direct from the publication.

This functionality makes Buzzit ideal for the publication of festival, exhibition and events programmes.

Get your tickets to this event.
A one-stop-shop for buying and booking and making payments through existing online channels.
Buzzit carries advertising to assist clients in off-setting costs involved in the establishment and on-going production of the new digital publication.

Suitable sponsors and advertisers can be found within an organisation’s existing family of contractors and service providers. Such advertising or sponsorship has little or no impact on local print media. This means the Buzzit  publication is not in competition with other community channels dependent on advertising for their business survival.

All advertisements link back to the advertisers website giving them not only the value of the immediate advertisement but also the added bonus of recruiting potential traffic for their website.

Let your suppliers and contractors promote their services while helping pay for the production of your community engagement newsletter.
Buzzit Publication Options

There is a Buzzit option to suit all requirements

Digital Option

The Digital option can be laid up by the client or by Dry Crust.  includes all the features of Buzzit except for the Ticketing Service, Shopping Cart or Online Payments Interface.

Newspaper Option

A half or full page newspaper edition can be produced to promote the digital edition if required.

Hard Copy Option

A hard copy edition can be produced for counter distribution to supplement the digital edition if required. This is done in InDesign.

Ticketing, Shopping Cart and/or Online Payment Link

Developing a customised digital link for these existing systems provides subscribers with a single-point service publication via Buzzit.

With an online digital edition, a hard copy edition and a newspaper edition, Buzzit lets you cater for all readers
Formats and Pages

Buzzit offers two appealing formats, each one designed to enhance the reading experience of subscribers.

‘The Magazine Format’. A page-turning format that holds most appeal for those who love to thumb through books and magazines. Three different page layouts can be used by the client with the inclusion of photo albums, sound bytes and video clips.

Magazine example

The more traditional Vertical Scrolling format has been the standard scrolling format for phones and tablets for sometime now. Buzzit refreshes and revitalises the format.

Vertical scrolling example

Flick the page over or scroll up and down – the choice is yours and both options are mobile responsive.
Buzzit Subscription 
Set Up & Production Costs

There is an establishment fee for Buzzit. This involves the establishment of a client’s digital account plus design and development of the publication and establishment support. 

Set up costs:

One-off establishment fee
• $1,500.00 +GST

Covers setting up domain name, digital account and templates, name, masthead brand/design and all technical requirements.


​​​​​​​Monthly subscription for the self-publishing digital option is
 $650 + GST.

This allows the client to self-publish on the Buzzit platform as many times a month as they wish. It covers the initial training sessions, access to on-going help via phone or email during working hours and updates to the Buzzit platform as they are developed. The monthly subscription also includes daily public-notice email notifications as required. 

Initially clients may wish to have Dry Crust do the publication lay ups as they learn how to self-publish. This would be charged at @ $100/hr + GST per publication + monthly subscription.


There is an option to have publication lay ups done by Dry Crust @ $950 + GST per publication and no monthly subscription. This is based on a four page, A4 equivalent.

Newspaper Edition 

Dry Crust will lay up newspaper columns to supplement the digital edition.We will liaise with the newspaper and ensure design is in keeping with the digital edition brand.

Up to half tabloid page
• $200 +GST

Half page to full tabloid pagee
• $400 +GST

Hardcopy Edition 

Dry Crust can lay up a hard copy publication if the client requires.
• $150 +GST per A4 page

Plus printing costs,

Ticketing, Shopping Cart and/or Online Payment Interface 
Develop customised digital link. This will vary from case to case
• $100 +GST per hour

The Services that come with Buzzit
Dry Crust offers a range of services that make sure all the engagement potential of a client’s Buzzit publication is realised.

From liaising with client over deadlines, content and other production matters through to managing all technical and functionality aspects of the publication, Dry Crust can assist as required.

We can handle production and layout of the digital version if required, providing a banner link to the publication/consultation from client’s website and proofing of all copy.

We can assist with the placement of all supplied video clips, sound clips and photo albums in a client’s publication.

Dry Crust will work with you to develop the subscription form and can assist with email notifications. 

As well as making placement of all simple polls and surveys as seamless as can be, Dry Crust will make sure poll, survey and consultation information is all available via the Client Portal. 
It’s called backup support and Dry Crust is with you for as many steps along the way as you would like us to be.
What makes Buzzit work?
Well, it’s all smoke and mirrors really. With some bells and whistles and a bit of magic too! They all work together though to create a neat little community engagement package that will make you one with those you are providing services, facilities and products to.

The Buzzit publication and consultation platform

Allows a client to do their own layouts.

Is responsive and compatible with the latest web technology and mobile devices.

Is fast loading for rural/slow/mobile connection speeds as it is built on HTML 5.

Is upgraded regularly as new functionalities are requested and developed.

Is managed using an integrated interface that makes switching between facilities seamless and fluid.

Has complementary engagement and communication services to help customers make the most of the online tools.

The Buzzit technical platform

We take care of hosting Buzzit3.0 for you in a robust and secure technical environment.

Buzzit4.0 is hosted at www.buzzit.co.nz

A link from client’s website to www.buzzit.co.nz gives subscribers and casual readers access to the publication/consultation

Buzzit has been independently security audited and features the following:

– Multiple virtual machines hosting in enterprise level server farm.

– Enterprise level operating system.

– Firewalled, encrypted subscriber lists.

– Daily back-ups.

– All data/backups are in New Zealand.

Buzzit complies with all mass-email communication laws for subscribe/unsubscribe and user management (eg. edit email, name, addresses).

The Buzzit software foundation

All Buzzit products are built on a base of the Word Press content management system (CMS) using the scripting language PHP. Word Press is an open source CMS. It is used by hundreds of thousands of websites.

We incorporate services provided by Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, YouTube, and other Open Source software platforms.

The Buzzit® design specifications

The following technical platforms are used in the design and delivery of Buzzit:

– HTML5 mark-up – utilising HTML5 Boilerplate

– CSS3 style sheet language – utilising HTML5 Boilerplate

– jQuery JavaScript library

Design is aimed at modern browsers and mobile devices but will degrade to accommodate older browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 and lower. HTML5 Boilerplate is a collection of code that allows HTML5 to be used on older browsers.

As most website designs remain in circulation for 2-5 years between redesigns Buzzit is designed for future conditions rather than past conditions. The alternative practise of realigning websites (applying regular tweaks and changes but keeping the base design relatively unchanged) also relies on a future-ready code base.

Editorial, Promotional and other services

Dry Crust can assist with the writing of your publication.

See our editorial services here

We have developed a programme designed to promote and launch your new digital publications and consultation projects.

See a promotional programme here

Our range of services extends to video production, graphic design, communication consultancy services and branding and marketing.

See samples of our work here


Mark at Dry Crust is ready to discuss the process for establishing and producing your Buzzit digital publishing and consultation platform. Get in touch!

When it comes to communication, don’t just tick the boxes, live outside the square, let Buzzit take you there.